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Beth Gregory


“My artwork captures a fleeting moment.”
Beth-Emily is a young Australian illustrator and artist, recognised for her intricate and gloriously fluid artworks exploring flora, fauna and landscapes. 
Currently based in Melbourne, yet strongly influenced by her southern Tasmanian origins, Beth-Emily draws inspiration from her wilderness heritage, combining a vivid, fantasy-fuelled imagination with raw natural talent to produce a truly unique portfolio of work. Beneath the surface beauty of her pieces lies a yearning, wistful quality – a remarkable depth of perception and insight – just waiting to be discovered anew.  
Beth-Emily’s formal training lies in visual communication and printmaking, and her work continues to be informed by these disciplines, with her trademark lyrical mark-making and patterning balanced with sensitive colour washes and shading. 
Her award-winning pieces are sought-after for their fusion of technical accuracy and sublime artistry, and can be found in galleries, publications, select retail boutiques and private collections.
When not researching and creating her meticulous illustrations, Beth-Emily works as an art director at Guvnor, a branding studio created by her partner, Tom Fitzgerald. She seeks solitude and inspiration by escaping the city and exploring new landscapes, secluded towns and the wild, wide Australian wilderness.
“In both my professional and personal work, I explore the relationship between nature and the self – often drawing from my own experiences and journeys. I am passionate about the freedom that my solo practice and eponymous brand now allows me – particularly in the opportunities for expressing my creativity and working directly with clients.”
Beth's images are printed on Museo Portfolio Rag 300gsm 100 % cotton Rag paper. Prints are rated to 75-100 years.
All Beth's prints are open edition.

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