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Dan Giselsson


I was born in Sweden and raised in small townships surrounded by beech and pine forests, lakes, fields and all their accompanying wildlife. My interest in nature was fostered early and has stayed with me throughout my life.
Australia has been my adopted home for 13 years now and I have really come to appreciate the scenic diversity and the abundance of wildlife that can be found in this beautiful country.
I enjoy nature as a whole but am especially interested in its wildlife and most of all the birds, so those are the subjects that I enjoy photographing the most.  I often feel enriched when studying the animals learning their behaviour, seeing how they interact with each other or perhaps just by their beauty or a close encounter.
With my photography I am trying to capture and preserve those otherwise fleeting moments and special encounters in the wild and showcase what sometimes can be found even in our neighbourhood but often are neglected.
One of my bird images placed 2nd overall in Birdlife Australias 2012 photography competition and I was awarded runner up in the ANZANG Nature Photography 2013 Competition in the black and white category. I have also been finalist with images in the Gardens in Focus Photography Competition 2010, 2012 and the ANZANG Nature Photography  Competition 2011.
Dan's images are printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm 100% cotton rag paper. These prints are museum grade and have an expected life span of between 75-150 years.
These prints form an open edition, with no limit to the print run

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