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Jim Stagg

Jim Stagg is a man of many talents!
Born in Yorkshire in the 1950's to a family that frequently moved across London and Europe, Jim rapidly developed resilience and survival mechanisms. Born into poverty and ultimately living independently at the age of 15 Jim Stagg had to grow up very fast.

Miraculously, Jim can isolate the time he discovered his artistic ability. Jim laughs, "I had been given a 'Ben Hur' book for my 6th birthday and was totally fascinated by a particular image of a horse head. I traced the horse head so many times, eventually I could actually sketch it free hand. It was really the beginning of continuous doodling and sketching for many years".

A life time love affair began as Jim developed his passion for drawing and painting which was to take him to many interesting places and get him out of many sticky situations! Sadly, Jim's artistic talent was not nurtured by his parents, families living in London in the early 60's were struggling to survive in a depressed economy and not having any recognised artistic ability themselves they didn't have time for 'art' they wanted Jim to get a 'real' job!

When Jim was accepted into Chelsea  School of Art  at the age of 14 years (the youngest at that time to ever be accepted).  Jim thought he was going to have a career as an art teacher. At the age of 15years Jim found himself living independently and struggling to support himself financially and he was not able to continue at art school.

Many years of share houses, living in basements and a variety of jobs, including illustrating record covers, working with record companies and in the music industry Jim always found a way to survive. It was often his art work and beloved guitar that enabled him to pay the bills. Give Jim a good glass, or two, of red and he can tell you some interesting stories from this time of his life.

In the early 1980's Jim visited Australia for a three month holiday, never to return to England. During Jim's years in Australia he has worked as a handy man, computer programmer, renovated houses, played in bands and painted in his spare time. 

Due to health issues two years ago Jim could not continue to engage in heavy physical work, so finally....Jim decided to paint. This gave him an opportunity to finally pursue his love for painting on a full time basis.

The last two years have been very productive for Jim, he has completed numerous paintings all of which have sold quickly.

When I asked Jim to describe his painting style he smiled and replied, "hyper realistic with a hint of madness"
Jim is very quickly establishing a name for himself in the art world. 

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