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Martin Weitnauer

I have always enjoyed taking photographs. However, the photograph is the resource on which I can then proceed to create my artwork. Digital photography combined with photoshop is an ideal medium for this.

Cityscapes with their buildings and structures are where I draw my inspiration. Buildings with their combinations of colour, shape, detail and layer present inexhaustible visual possibilities. Depending on the time of day, a city can radically transform in appearance. I am stimulated, not only by my familiar home city of Hobart but excited visiting less familiar big city places. In recent times Sydney has been such a place. Many images presented here have come from various excursion in and about Sydney.

In more recent times I have turned my attention to some less structured environments such as bushlands in and about Hobart. I am discovering new and equally exciting possibilities in the natural landscape.

Ultimately, it is the visual experience of the finished print that is most important. Hopefully my work has a sense of place but not necessarily any particular place. However, no doubt people will ask where is that...

Martin Weitnauer 2012

Martin's images for part of an editioned series and are signed by the artist

The images are printed on Canson Infinity Rag Photographique 310gsm 100% cotton paper with an archival rating of 75-100 years.

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