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Full Gamut provides a quality inkjet printing service to Tasmanian and mainland customers. We use only the finest quality media and long life pigment inks to produce prints of great detail, colour gamut and longevity. Our maximum printing width is 60" (1524mm) and print length is unlimited. We have four wide format printers, an Epson 90700 HDR 44", an Epson 4900 HDR 17", an Epson 20070 60" and an Epson 10070 44".

The Epson 9070 & 4900 are equiped with  HDR inkset to extend the gamut of inkjet prints into previously unprintable regions. The additions of a Green and Orange ink lead to more saturated colours in the spectrum from red through yellow and into green. 

We use the finest quality media from the most respected manufactures in the world such as Canson Infinity, Hahnemuhle, Ilford and Museo. These papers are archival and the prints produced are museum grade providing an print guaranteed to last 75+ years.

Our print services are used by the finest photographers, artists and institutions in Tasmania. We are regularly sought out to provide print work of the highest quality so you can be assured of getting the best print possible.