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Simon Olding

Simon Olding is a professional photographer and Fine Art printer based in Hobart, Tasmania. 

Following in the tradition of Tasmania's great landscape photographers and exhibiting influences from masters of Black and White large format photography, Simon photographs both the details and grandure of his native state.

"My passion is for Black and White images and I am often drawn to snow and ice as subjects. The simplicity of monochrome images places an increased empahis on the texture and form of the subject before me.

This is a unique place. I was lucky enough to grow up here but Tasmania has been a magnet for photograhers for over 100 years and many of our finest came from far afield and have never left. There are many lifetimes of work to be done here..."

Simon's Gallery


Simon Olding was raised in Tasmania with a passion for outdoor activities and spent many years bush walking and sailing, before moving to Melbourne in 1988 to study Scientific Photography at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) as a 3 year degree course. Upon Graduation he worked for Monash University as a photographer for 5 years before moving to Canada with his partner for a year. He worked part time for several Medical Photography units in Montreal, Quebec before returning to Australia in 1995.

Upon returning, he worked for the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research for 5 years. This was the beginning of an interest in colour management and he experimented with the early products from Kodak and Agfa. Spot reading devices that took over an hour to read 250 patches are laughable by today's standards but it was early days. We used early forms of digital printing devices such as the Fuji Pictrography and early Epson photo printers. Again, the results from those early days were good but have not stood up to the test of time well. I have Fuji prints that are very badly faded only ten years on.

In 2000, Simon and family moved back to Tasmania and settled in Hobart, and ICC Imagetec was established in 2003/04.

As an aside to Simon's professional photography work, he has also long been interested in large format landscapes and has been using 4x5" cameras for 20 years. Although happy to work in colour, B&W is his real passion and in 2006 and 2007 produced the Intimate Landscapes Tasmania B&W calendar.

In 2007 Simon won the 25th Anniversary Tasmanian World Heritage Photo Competition held at the Wilderness Gallery at Cradle Mountain in Tasmania. This was a $5000 acquisitional prize. The winning image was "Dove River Snowstorm"

Simon has also won prizes in several other photo competitions such as the 2003 National Waterwatch competition. The winning image here was "Louisa River, SW Tasmania"


Simon has regularly contributed to the ACF Wilderness Diaries and has been a contributor to the environmental publications "Tarkine", published by the WWF and Allen & Unwin in 2004 and "Endangered – Tasmania's wild places" published by Penguin in 2007.


In 2008, environmental issues in Tasmania continue to demand attention and Simon is one of the founding members of Nature Photographers Tasmania, a group of concerned photographers coming together to produce photographic material to aid in the conservation of Tasmania's remaining wild places and forests. This association published the book Wild Forest in 2009 as a response to these ongoing issues.

In 2014 Simon was a finalist in the prestigious Hutchins Art Prize and the Wrest Point Art Prize.